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Thank you everyone for all of your continued support . There is a lot to update on these 7 rescued Arabians which unfortunately is now down to 6. We lost this handsome stallion due to a scrotal hernia which went undetected for years, unfortunately a severe colic episode brought it to our attention when his hernia twisted. There was nothing we could do to save him but we were at least able to humanely euthanize him so that he did not suffer. He is pictured above with me standing proud and strong on his last day with us.

The mares are starting to put back some weight and are now up to date on their shots & de-worming and are scheduled to have their teeth work completed in the next week. Once that is done, we will perform an assessment of their training abilities so that we can then adopt them out to their forever homes.

The two other stallions pictured above (left) are also putting on some weight and currently getting updated on their shots and de-worming. “Mishanock”, the stallion in the lower left corner of the picture has been successfully gelded and recovering well. “Turbo” the smaller silver stallion is defined as a cryptorchid, which at his age makes for an extremely risky, expensive as well as intensive surgery which we have opted against at this time. Cryptorchids are usually sterile, although still need to be treated like stallions at all times.

With spring finally arriving, we will start to prepare the horses and test their abilities. During this time we will be launching a new website http://www.rescuethehorse.com that will track their individual journeys and allow you to become part of the experience at the same time. We are currently planning a day at the barn filled with various events for those interested in adoption to come and meet these magnificent horses in person.

Thank you for all your help and we greatly appreciate you getting the word out socially so we can complete their journey back to health.


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